Employees Participate in 8th Annual Korol Cup Hockey Challenge

Ledcor hosted the 8th Annual Korol Cup Hockey Challenge in September, bringing together 110 players from across Ledcor to raise money for post secondary scholarships in memory of former Ledcor employee, Trevor Korol.

Trevor Korol was a young enterprising individual with the promise of a great career at Ledcor. Following a tragic plane crash that claimed Trevor’s life in 2008, the tournament was renamed in his honor and in collaboration with his father David, a fund was established to provide scholarships for deserving technology students at three Western Canada technology institutes; Edmonton’s Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

The scholarships are funded through interest earned on the principal amount, and in 2012 the fund topped over $250,000, providing six new $2,000 scholarships.  Over the past five years, funds raised through the Korol Cup have contributed $100,000 to the fund.

This year’s three-day event raised $8,500. Ledcor matched the funds raised and with an additional $10,000 donated by the Trades Labour Corporation and Labour Unlimited as well as $1,000 donated by Market Street Developments, a total of $28,000 was donated towards the fund.
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