1947 – 1980: Growth

Our legacy of success and innovation began with our first project — preparing the access road and well site for Imperial Oil’s famous discovery in Leduc, Alberta.

Ledcor went on to support the discoveries and innovations that characterized the entrepreneurial spirit of Alberta, which we continue to do across North America. We grew alongside the resource industry, expanding construction operations and driving activity. Meeting new challenges as a civil contractor, we built highways, blasted rock and excavated the earth. We linked discovery to industry by constructing supporting utilities and by the 1970s - pipelines.

1980- 2000: Expansion

In the 1980’s Ledcor expanded across Canada and into the United States - opening offices from Toronto to Seattle.  We diversified across seven construction divisions: Building, Civil, Industrial, Mining, Pipeline, Telecommunications, and Highways. By going to the market with clarity and a sound structure, Ledcor grew substantially, even in a period of severe economic downturn. Through the 1990s, Ledcor continued to mark growth in every division, and met the construction boom of the early 2000s with a strong foundation and well-tested methods for performance.

2000 – 2012: Diversification

Long before the marketplace turned towards green capital Ledcor was pursuing opportunities to progressively reduce our environmental impact and drive positive change within the industries in which we work. Our long-term focus on environmental sustainability resulted in new service offerings such as wastewater treatment, green building, and sustainable forestry services.

Following opportunity, we entered the transportation services sector with the acquisition of Summit Air Charters and Arctic Sunwest Charters, regional airlines that have been providing specialized remote service for over 20 years throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Ledcor entered a joint venture to build, own and operate the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre seaplane terminal. We also partnered with Canada’s business leaders to launch Aurora Jet Partners, a fractional jet ownership company serving Canadian travellers.

Meanwhile, Ledcor also took the seas with the creation of our marine services division, which provides tug and barge services to Southwest British Columbia. Ledcor now owns and operates one of the largest marine operations of its kind, serving BC with 6 tugs and 13 barges.

In 2011, Ledcor acquired Renew Resources, a BC-based company that specializes in processing marginal wood fibre. Renew produces woodchips and hog fuel that are transported to customers by Ledcor-owned trucks and barges, making Ledcor the only company to offer fully integrated forestry services.

2012: Forward. Together.  

Ledcor currently employs over 7,000 staff across 20 offices throughout North America. Our company’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic decision making continues to lead us down the road of growth and expansion. So we can be who our clients need us to be, today and tomorrow.