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Our integrated wastewater and tailings remediation solutions help you meet strict industry guidelines without sacrificing performance. We find innovative yet practical solutions for any project – anywhere. Let’s work to balance industry, economy, and the environment. Together. 

Areas of Focus

Filter Press
Our filter press technology processes wastewater in specialized applications, treating industrial ponds and grey water to storm drains and equipment washing facilities. Mining and oil & gas industries benefit from the sustainable nature of this process whereby wastewater is recycled, water costs are reduced, solids are removed, and water for re-entry into the industrial process is provided.
Benefits include:
  • High throughput
  • Ability to mix high-solid slurries
  • Ability to scale to required operations
  • Suitable for abrasive mining applications
  • Speedy cake release
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Case Studies

Mobile Electrocoagulation Wastewater Treatment
Filter Press Solutions