Renewable Energy

Offering turnkey solutions for the renewable energy sector.

Applying our innovative approach to provide sustainable solutions resulting in minimal impact to the environment. 

Renewable energy project under construction

Taking projects from permitting to full operating phases. 

Renewable energy is the energy of the future. At Ledcor, sustainability is one of our core values. From LEED certified buildings to constructing wind and solar farms, hydroelectric plants, and Greenroads certified infrastructure projects, we apply our innovative approach to provide sustainable solutions that help minimize environmental impact.

We are one of the few companies in the industry to offer a total package of ready solutions for the renewable energy sector. Ledcor has developed, constructed, and owned independent power projects across Western Canada, including a proven track record of constructing small and large-scale projects. We have taken projects from permitting to full operating phases.

These projects include experience in the following disciplines: 


Wind Power
Ledcor has provided effective construction delivery services for numerous energy and utility leaders for their wind power projects. Ledcor delivers multidisciplinary construction engagements from beginning to end for utility scale wind power developments. Our expertise not only includes the tower erection, turbine installation and related E&I scopes, but also the transmission interconnections required to bring these sources online.


Solar Power
Canada’s geography, including long summer periods of unparalleled sun exposure, means we have some of the best conditions for solar projects. For decades Ledcor has incorporated solar energy components in several institutional and commercial building projects, including award winning LEED results. This relevant experience, in alignment with Ledcor’s power generation project experiences and internal electrical expertise, positions our teams to construct utility scale solar projects.


Hydro-Electric Power
As owner, developer, and constructor, Ledcor has constructed several run-of-river hydro-electric power facilities. These projects harnesses energy from the water flow of the nearby creek by diverting partial flows through an intake structure to a penstock on to the generating equipment located in the powerhouse. The facilities can produce enough power production targets while producing no net emissions. 

Stakeholder relations and environmental management are critical components in these highly environmentally sensitive environments. Public consultations along with open and honest communication with key stakeholders are important in managing relationships and addressing any potential impacts.