Ledcor Highways Recognized For Environmental Achievement

July 20, 2023

Ledcor Highways Office

Alberta.  With sustainability as one of our core values, Ledcor is well aware of the associated risks when using salt and sand in our winter operations. That is why our Highway Maintenance team is working hard to reduce salt contamination and prevent the chronic increase of salt concentration, a known risk posed by highway maintenance operations across Alberta. 

Ledcor Highway Maintenance has been recognized several times for addressing this issue through maintenance yard upgrades to promote environmental protection. In 2023, we were named an Environmental Achievement Award winner by the Canadian Construction Association and were shortlisted for the 32nd Annual Emerald Awards. In 2022, we were named an Environmental Award winner by the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association

Thus far, Ledcor has upgraded 2 of our 11 yards to reduce the negative impact from salt from seeping into the ground and contaminating sensitive areas, groundwater and ditches. The benefits of these upgrades are industry-wide, resulting in a long-term, positive impact on our communities and environment. 

Ledcor is continuously monitoring the upgraded yards to track salt concentration data and plans to upgrade the remaining 9 yards.