Pipe Fabrication & Module Assembly Facility

Designed and constructed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness

Our facility gives Ledcor the ability to meet all the specific project needs of our clients.

Workers in the pipe fabrication facility

Ledcor owns and operates a pipe fabrication and module assembly facility in Nisku, Alberta. The 25-acre facility includes pipe fabrication facilities, a lay down yard, as well as module fabrication and assembly areas.

Located along Alberta’s “High Load Transportation Corridor,” the facility gives Ledcor the ability to meet all project requirements and the specific needs of our clients. The entire facility is designed and constructed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our throughput capacity for pipe fabrication is between 15,000 - 25,000 diameter inches per month.

Ledcor’s fabrication shop can accommodate all types of pipe material, including carbon steel and alloy, up to 72 inches.

The capacity of the facility is able to accommodate up to 25 modules at various stages of completion at one time. Ledcor’s through-put capacity, dependent on size and complexity of the modules, is 20 modules shipped out per month.


This high production facility has:

  • Indoor Pipe Fabrication - 40,000 square feet
  • Tradesmen Facilities - Mobilized as required to suit project needs and 5,000 square foot heated indoor warehouse with multiple cold storage options including outdoor racking
  • Six permanent welding/utility stations (power and natural gas)
  • Eight indoor warehouses (7 Heated, 1 Cold) - 20,000 square feet
  • One Shuttle Lift - 50 Ton
  • In-house pipe spooling services using an ACORN CAD system
  • Over 2,000 feet of continuous crane runway supporting 14 overhead cranes  
  • Container de-stuffing ramps to ensure efficient material handling
  • Computerized pipe cutting and pipe end preparation