Wherever we can, we strive to reduce our environmental impact, especially when transporting people and products throughout North America and beyond.

With 3,000 vehicles across North America, including half-ton trucks, snow plows, logging trucks, and 200 CNG-powered urban utility vehicles, we have the capacity to meet our client’s transportation needs. Whether it’s reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions, helping the United Nations transport medical aid to the Ivory Coast, or transporting forest products to customers abroad, we're moving people forward – safely, efficiently, and economically. 

Areas of Focus

CNG and LNG Vehicle Fleet
We’ve added 200 new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to our fleet, creating one of the largest fleets of CNG vehicles in Canada, reducing annual fuel costs by about 30 percent and reducing our green-house-gas emissions by approximately 23 percent, or 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. As leaders of innovation, we are also expanding a fleet of 15 class eight liqufied natural gas (LNG) trucks. 

Our commitment to CNG and LNG vehicle fleets is not only innovative but benefits the environment and our customers. Natural gas is a cleaner-burning, lower-priced fuel that is abundant in B.C. CNG vehicles have significantly lower exhaust emissions, including 70 - 90 percent less carbon monoxide, 75 - 95 percent less nitrogen oxides, and 20 - 30 percent less carbon dioxide. These vehicles also see less corrosion and wear in engine parts, resulting in a more durable, productive, and reliable vehicle fleet.

LNG is natural gas that is cooled to a liquid, making it a viable fuel that powers heavy-duty trucks. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic as a result of harmful toxins removed during the purifying process, it offers significant emissions benefits when powering vehicles. 
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Green Highways Award
We have won awards for our work on greening highways. The $1.26 billion South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) Project was part of the Asia‐Pacific Gateway Program to improve mobility and efficiency within the overall Metro Vancouver roadway network and relieve congestion on local community roadways.

With our involvement, SFPR was the first major project outside of the United States that was awarded the Greenroads™ Bronze Certification by the Greenroads Foundation for its ecological initiatives. Those include the construction of several wildlife crossings, preservation and restoration activities, and building of variety of stormwater management facilities.
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Flying for Positive Change
Summit Aviation personnel and planes have flown throughout Colombia’s Amazon region for carbon-mapping missions with the Carnegie Institution for Science. They’ve also helped the United Nations to transport medical professional, medicines, and food throughout the Ivory Coast.
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Case Studies

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicle Fleet   
South Fraser Perimeter Road  

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