With non-renewable forest licenses adding up to nine million cubic meters of wood, we work hard to ensure that every inch of every tree is put to good use.

We cover the entire supply chain from start to finish; from selling logs to the lumber and pulp industries, to processing timber into cants, chips, and biofuel, to transporting products to our customers.

Areas of Focus

Biomass Operations
As industry leaders in Biomass Operations, our focus is on environmental sustainability and full utilization of standing timber in BC forests. With our partners, we turn logging waste and residuals into consumable products like biofuel to generate electricity and wood chips for Kraft Pulp.

Every year our biofuel contracts form 200,000 metric tonnes (220,000 short tons) of roadside logging debris and residual mill fiber into renewable electricity and heat at pulp mills and power plants in British Columbia. We have also supplied 125,000 metric tonnes to makers of wood pellets which are ultimately used in place of coal in European power plants.
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Case Studies

Cant Mill
Log brokerage
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