Highway 91/17 Upgrade Demonstrates Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Development

December 15, 2023

aerial view of Highway 91/17

Successfully completed in May 2023, the Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project underscores Ledcor’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship while delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions.

Located in Delta, British Columbia, the project was a collaborative effort with Aecon and BEL Contracting, with McElhanney as the project’s lead designer, which formed the Pacific Gateway Constructors General Partnership and involved the comprehensive upgrade and construction of roadways and interchanges along highways 91C and 17. 

The project posed unique challenges due to its proximity to the Delta Nature Reserve – an integral part of the Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area.

Given the water-saturated surface conditions and the presence of distinct local plants and wildlife, the project team implemented a number of measures to minimize the impact on this environmentally sensitive area. Notably, the team installed isolation fences to prevent wildlife from entering work sites, established buffer zones around nesting birds and nests of endangered species, and implemented water management strategies to reduce downstream cloudiness issues in the water.

The team also instituted a meticulous water management system where concrete pours were closely monitored, and any concrete-contaminated water was contained and treated to prevent adverse effects on nearby waterways. Daily water monitoring identified and addressed any water cloudiness levels, imbalances in water pH, temperature, or oxygen levels.

Beyond environmental preservation, the project embodied sustainable development principles, yielding environmental, social, and economic benefits. The increased road capacity reduces congestion, lessening greenhouse gas emissions and collision risks. It enhances commuters’ quality of life by reducing travel time and created employment opportunities for the local workforce and partnerships with local Indigenous businesses.

Additionally, in collaboration with the local government, a 170-meter section of the Delta Nature Reserve boardwalk trail was designed, built, and realigned. This initiative, offsetting habitat lost during construction, now provides the community access to protected natural areas.

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