Indigenous Affairs

Established in 2011, the Ledcor-Haisla Limited partnership has jointly pursued major projects in the Kitimat area.

Ledcor is committed to meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities and respects their unique and diverse cultural values.

We recognize the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation. For decades, Ledcor has been actively engaging with Indigenous communities across Canada, building relationships, establishing long-term beneficial partnerships and helping our clients meet their commitments to communities.

Our approach to Indigenous affairs recognizes and respects the history, uniqueness and diversity of Indigenous peoples.

Ledcor’s engagement with Indigenous communities is guided by the following key principles:

We believe in developing long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Open Communication
We value communication that is honest, respectful, and responsive.

We respect Indigenous communities’ connection to the land and water, and strive to promote the balance between the environment and the economy.

Employment, Training, and Business Opportunities
We prioritize the employment and training of community members and the utilization of Indigenous businesses in our supply chain. 

We are proud members of the following Indigenous organizations: Local Communities

Creating opportunities in the communities where we work ensures we leave behind more than just a job well done.
When you work with Ledcor, you're working alongside local teams with local expertise. Our clients look to us because of our solid reputation and our volume of experience throughout North America.

In all our business activities we remain steadfast to delivering excellence without compromising our core values; SAFETY, QUALITY, INTEGRITY, SUSTAINABILITY and SUCCESS.