Inclusion & Diversity

Each of us has a role in advancing Inclusion and Diversity at Ledcor.

We acknowledge that systemic discrimination exists everywhere in our society. When we each make a personal commitment to consider our biases, our privilege, and where we are today, we can begin the journey to shift our perspectives.

​​​​​​​Inclusion is a shared responsibility – a state where we value and support our people and foster their unique individual and life experiences

An inclusive environment will ensure our ability to attract and retain a workforce that results in Diversity. We do this when we value and respect the collective sum of our individual differences, backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and knowledge.

At Ledcor, we encourage feedback, and we will stand up to behaviours that do not respect our people or reflect our values. We want to be a place where our employees feel safe to be themselves and can reach their full potential.

We know that a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity will enrich our culture, our workforce, and the industries and sectors where we operate. An inclusive culture brings us together, and in turn, improves our employee engagement and performance.

At Ledcor, we commit to:
  • Listening to and supporting our employees by intentionally and consistently gathering experiences and perspectives through our Employee Resources Groups and other means such as surveys. This will help us to understand and identify changes to make everyone feel safe and welcome.
  • Building our awareness and knowledge of current language, educating ourselves about the impact of our words, and practicing inclusive behaviours that support our diverse employees. This empowers our people to connect, belong, and lead.
  • Evaluating and revising existing processes and practices to ensure they are equitable and inclusive for everyone.
​​​​​​​We know that Inclusion and Diversity will be a continuous journey and requires sustained commitment. We require everyone’s participation to ensure equitable and inclusive practices are embedded in our company culture to move Forward. Together.
Dave Lede                                                        Tom Lassu
CEO & Chairman                                             I&D Executive Sponsor

Our Commitments

Listen to and support our employees 

To ensure diverse voices are represented, we created an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) council made up of members from diverse lived experiences and perspectives. The I&D council collaborates with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support and identify best practices, share knowledge, raise awareness and act as a bridge across marginalized groups. Ledcor has several ERGs in place which are open to employees on a voluntary basis to engage, connect, learn, and share experiences in a safe space.

Build our awareness and knowledge 

We are working to identify areas for improvement and continually update our action plan to ensure Ledcor continues to be a workplace where all employees feel welcome, safe to be themselves and can reach their full potential. Throughout the year, we also host educational events, panel discussions and training for leaders and employees.

Evaluate and revise processes and practices 

Through active memberships with industry and business leader groups, we are doing our part to drive change in equity, inclusion and diversity and ensure our programs stay current. We partner with employment agencies to expand the diversity in our hiring pool and make improvements to the employee experience that start at our hiring and onboarding processes. We are in the process of updating our policies & content management systems to reflect inclusive language that is respectful to all employees and reflects our values. 

Use of inclusive language in the workplace
In honor of 2022 International Women’s Day, watch Ledcor employees share examples of the importance of inclusive language in our industry and how we can break the bias.

Continuous efforts on I&D initiatives
Ledcor is proud to be named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2023. Sponsored by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, this award recognizes organizations across Canada for their exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs. Learn more.