Our philanthropic focus is children’s health-related charities that focus on medical facilities and life-threatening illnesses. Please note, due to existing commitments we are not considering any new requests at this time. 


  1. Must align to our philanthropic area of focus (please see above).
  2. Be a registered charity or non-profit community service organization.
  3. Be operating or serving a community where Ledcor does business.


We are unable to consider requests from the following:

  • 3rd Party fundraising initiatives
  • Churches or religious organizations (unless they offer non-denominational, community-based services with a wide reach)
  • Individuals
  • Sport teams
  • Private clubs or organizations that benefit a select-group
  • Arts-related projects (visual arts, literary arts and the performing arts – music, theatre, dance and film)
  • Cultural trips, field trips, travel related expenses or camps
  • Organization or programs focused on public policy advocacy
  • Organizations or programs with a focus outside Canada or US

How to Apply

Due to existing commitments, we are not considering any new requests at this time. If you still wish to send us information you can do so through the link below.

Donation Form