Press Release

Ledcor Processes First Shipment of Wood Cants

July 24, 2012

Truck loaded with wood.

VANCOUVER, BC - Ledcor achieved a significant milestone on July 19th, 2012 when the first order of wood cant products produced at our Chilliwack cant mill was successfully shipped to InterWorld Development Inc. in south eastern China. 

Over the past months, Ledcor employees have spent countless hours building the mill and preparing to produce an exceptional high-end wood product. The ability to deliver quality wood cants places Ledcor in a unique market position, allowing it to both satisfy discerning clients and open the door to future success in Asia.  

The mill is designed to serve both domestic and overseas markets. InterWorld has waited 7 years for a company like Ledcor to come along and produce customized wood cant products as businesses in China have been stuck with wood product that is manufactured to a North American standard. 

Cants are typically a 100x100 mm (4” x 4”) square wood product at 3 or 4 meter lengths (12 to 16 feet). However, the Chilliwack Cant Mill has the ability to produce products of varying size and length which holds a significant potential for success in producing other types of forest products in the future.