Press Release

June 5, 2018

Press Release

Ledcor Names Don Quan as President Resources and Transportation

June 5, 2018

Portrait of Don Quan

The Ledcor Group of Companies, a leading Canadian diversified construction and industrial operations company, today announced the appointment of Don Quan as President, Ledcor Resources and Transportation. 

“On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to announce that Don Quan has been appointed as President, Ledcor Resources and Transportation,” said Dave Lede, Chairman and CEO of the Ledcor Group.  “Don will manage Ledcor’s ongoing operations and expansion into the forestry, biomass and marine and aviation transportation sectors.” 

Previously, Don had been Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ledcor Resources and Transportation division. 

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our former President, Ledcor Resources and Transportation, Paul McElligott for his significant contribution to the diversification of the company and offer him best wishes in his retirement.”  said Dave Lede.  

Don Quan, President, Ledcor Resources & Transportation 

As President, Ledcor Resources & Transportation, Don will oversee Ledcor’s Resources and Transportation division, which includes Forestry, Marine, and Aviation services (Summit Air and Summit Helicopters). 

Don joined Ledcor in 2012 as Director, Solid Wood Operations, Resources and Transportation.  Five years later, he became Chief Operating Officer of the Forestry and Marine divisions.  Don is a chartered accountant, and over the past 25 years has worked primarily in the forestry industry. His past positions were with both public and private enterprises and the roles varied from finance to senior operating positions.  

Don holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lakehead University.