Press Release

Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership Reaches New Milestone on LNG Canada Project

March 22, 2016

Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership

A major milestone was reached on Thursday, February 25, 2016 when LNG Canada selected the Ledcor-Haisla Limited Partnership (LHLP) for site preparation activities at their proposed liquefaction and export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.  

Since 2010, Ledcor has been exploring potential projects in the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry in British Columbia. Before pursuing any LNG projects, Ledcor knew that developing a relationship with the local Aboriginal community would be in the best interest of all involved and would be instrumental to the success of any venture. In Kitimat, that local Aboriginal community is the Haisla Nation, and in June, 2011 the LHLP was formed with a goal to jointly pursue opportunities in the area.  Since then, Ledcor and the Haisla Nation have worked together on numerous successful projects. 

“We value our strong partnership with the Haisla Nation, formed on respect, trust, and a willingness to work together for mutual success,” said Quentin Huillery, Senior Vice President of Ledcor Constructors.

At the contract signing ceremony in Kitimat, senior representatives from LNG Canada, Ledcor, and the Haisla Nation came together to discuss how this contract will bring positive and long-lasting benefits to the Haisla and the local community by providing training, employment, and business opportunities on the project. 

“As LNG opportunities present themselves to the Haisla we wanted to ensure benefits for our people beyond a few payments here and there,” said Haisla Chief Councilor Ellis Ross. “Joint ventures such as this one with Ledcor provide our people with training opportunities and employment, and an ability to partner with and learn from leading Canadian companies.” 

LHLP was selected for two scopes of work by LNG Canada. First, the partnership was awarded the Little Creek Contract in December, 2015, which includes mobilization to site, initial site water management, access road construction, and snow clearing. The Site Preparation Contract, was awarded on February 25, 2016, which includes grubbing, excavation, and grading of the workforce accommodation centre.