Press Release

Press Release

The Sky’s The Limit

November 7, 2022


Ledcor’s story begins in 1947 when founder Bill Lede, borrows $5,000 on a handshake to buy Leduc Construction’s first piece of equipment, a HD14 Allis Chalmers bulldozer. This starts the journey of what is now one of the most diversified construction companies in North America.  

In both size and diversity, today’s Ledcor is a very different kind of company than the one Bill started decades ago. Yet under the leadership of his son Dave, Bill’s values remain a part of everything we do. 

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary year, we’ll be releasing a series of videos that capture how we got to where we are today and demonstrating where we’re going in the future… the sky’s the limit!  


For 75 years we’ve been a leading innovator in North American construction. Diversified and made up of teams of peoples who are experts in their industries. We work to design, build, transport, operate and maintain projects all over North America. At Ledcor, we support our clients and communities, while at the same time building projects that change skylines, improve infrastructure, and advance industries. We’re building the future.