Press Release

Ledcor Assists Haisla Nation with Construction Readiness Training Program

May 13, 2015

Ledcor recently developed a brand new Construction Readiness Training Program specifically for one of our First Nations Partners, Haisla Nation, which is located in Kitamaat Village, near Kitimat, BC. The new training program is designed to help Haisla Members transition into work within the construction industry. It consists of a full week of training and courses, such as the mandatory Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Confined Space Awareness, First Aid Level 1, and a Ledcor information session.

Ledcor developed a relationship with Haisla Nation and formally entered into a Limited Partnership in June, 2011. The relationship covers many sectors including civil, pipeline, building, industrial and air services. Ledcor constructed a 13 km (8 mile) forest service road and is currently working on the Kitimat Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) site located on Haisla traditional territory. We are also doing site services work to prepare for the future of an LNG plant facility. 

Through Ledcor's partnership with Haisla Nation over the past few years, several significant benefits have been introduced into the community, such as capacity building, sharing of profits, employment, scholarships (two each year, worth $1,250 each), and training.

"The training is great exposure for our people to see what kinds of jobs are available and how to apply," said Paula Smith, Job Coach with Haisla Nation. "You don't normally see large companies like Ledcor put on training like this to ensure that our Haisla Band Members are job ready."

At the information session, the Haisla Nation community showed their appreciation for our corporate values and the opportunities we bring to their community. 

"The environment, family, and safety first are values I share with Ledcor. I like the way you took into consideration the territory we live in, the area we call our native bread basket. You took the time to look into that and ensure everything is done safely," said Deborah Hayward, Haisla Member. "I believe there is a lot of opportunity for our people. I like the support we will get from Ledcor, like meeting all of you. It was so important to meet you in person and see your faces. It's a lot more personal."

Ledcor's relationship with Haisla Nation extends further than the current working relationship. Earlier this February, the highway leading to their community was closed when BC Hydro had to clear fallen trees and power lines from the road due to a massive snowstorm. When the road was re-opened, Ledcor spent 12 hours clearing the snow off the highway and the village's streets using our grader.​

Our work with Haisla Nation demonstrates our commitment to Ledcor's core values. We recognize the importance of cultivating long-term relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation. Whether it is implementing the Construction Readiness Training Program or clearing snow from roads for a respected partner, we look for ways to go beyond job creation and engage with the local community, forging lasting relationships and leaving a legacy that will remain long after the project has wrapped up.