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Ledcor & Partners Contracted To Construct KentuckyWired Broadband Network

September 8, 2015

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NEWS RELEASE - VANCOUVER, BC – The Ledcor Group of Companies today announced, with consortium partners Macquarie Capital, First Solutions, Black & Veatch, and Fujitsu, and through KentuckyWired Operations Company, that they have signed a definitive agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky (KY)  to construct and operate the KentuckyWired network. 

“We are extremely pleased to join the other consortium members in committing to build the KentuckyWired network and operate it for the next 30 years,” said Scott Lyons, COO, Ledcor Technical Services.  “We look forward to working with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to extend Kentucky's fiber optic network across the state and help increase connectivity, enhance public services, and spur economic development."‎ 

When completed in 2017, KentuckyWired will consist of over 4,800 km (3,000 miles) of fiber optic cable with multiple redundant loops.   The network will traverse all 120 Kentucky counties, and connect approximately 1,100 government and public facilities.  The network will also allow private sector access. 

“Ledcor has over 35 years of global experience in large fiber optic network development and construction, including crossing continents and oceans,” said Jimmy Byrd, President, Ledcor Technical Services, based in Austin, Texas.  “The working relationships we have developed with Macquarie Capital, First Solutions, Black & Veatch, and Fujitsu have been integral to the success of our agreement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” 

The KentuckyWired project is a public-private partnership (PPP or P3) and its scope covers the design, construction, financing, maintenance, and network operations.  Total construction costs will be approximately $360 million CAD ($275 million USD).  Ledcor is investing equity in the project.   

Construction of KentuckyWired began under an early works agreement in June 2015 with the target completion for 2017.  Services will commence as construction progresses and individual segments and nodes are completed.