Press Release

Press Release

Canadian Aviation Icons Merge to Offer Innovative Fractional Ownership Program

May 16, 2012

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PRESS RELEASE - VANCOUVER, BC - Aurora Jet Partners brings together Morningstar Partners of Edmonton and Opus Aviation of Vancouver, companies founded and operated by Don Wheaton Jr., Kim Ward, and The Ledcor Group of Companies respectively.  The new company combines the unique fractional ownership model of Morningstar and exceptional jet charter service of Opus to form one of the most diverse and progressive private aviation companies in Canada, showcasing the most modern all-jet fleet in the country. 

“Aurora bridges the gap between ownership and charter,” says Aurora co-owner Don Wheaton. “It is designed for the busy traveler who desires the guaranteed consistent service that full ownership provides but doesn’t fly enough hours to commit to having their own jet.” 

The company’s fractional jet ownership model allows partners to own anywhere from 1/8 of an aircraft (equivalent to 100 occupied hours of flying per year) to full ownership. 

Partners can trade their time to match a particular mission’s distance or number of passengers on any one of Aurora’s fleet of aircraft - ranging from the four-seat Embraer Phenom 100 to the Bombardier Challenger 605 built for twelve passengers. Aurora will also be the first company to introduce the Embraer Phenom 300 to Canadian skies for the first time this summer. 

“Every aspect of ownership, from maintenance to administration, and foremost - safe operation of the jets - is managed by Aurora’s team of experienced professionals,” says Darryl Saunders, Vice President, Aurora Jet Partners. “When you need to travel, you simply tell us where and when you want to go. We take care of every aspect so our Partners can just sit back and enjoy their private jet knowing they’re in the best hands”. 

“Benefits such as guaranteed service when you need it, and access to an entire fleet of new jets set the Aurora program apart from a traditional charter,” reiterates Wheaton. “When you need to travel, you simply call our Jetdesk team with as little as four hours’ notice. When you show up at the airport your jet and crew are standing by to have you and your guests heading comfortably to your destination within minutes.” 

Aurora Jet Partners was formed by executive and corporate partners who have considerable, complementary experience in the corporate aviation world.   Don Wheaton is co-owner of the Morningstar aviation group, which also operates the FedEx Express jet transport courier contract Canada-wide.  His father started the company more than 40 years ago. Kim Ward, Morningstar principal is also continuing a long family legacy in aviation, his father Max founded the charter airline Wardair. Ledcor is a third Aurora principal bringing more than a decade of management of the construction giant’s corporate flight department and its charter division, Opus Aviation, into the fold.