Spread 3/4A of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project reaches Mechanical Completion

August 30, 2023

This August, the Ledcor-Sicim Limited Partnership (LSLP) celebrated the mechanical completion of spread 3/4A of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP).

LSLP’s portion of the project involved constructing and installing 201km of pipeline parallel to the existing Trans Mountain line in British Columbia.

LSLP’s scope covered the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia’s North Thompson region. The location's unique geography posed significant construction challenges, including steep slopes of more than 21 degrees, a narrow working footprint in hilly and mountainous terrain, ecologically sensitive major water crossings, and a significant amount of rock blasting required to accommodate pipe installation. 

Trans Mountain Project pipe laying on-site

LSLP rose to the challenges of this demanding scope using innovative engineering solutions and a collaborative work approach bolstered by over 120 combined years in pipeline construction. With Spread 3/4A representing 20% of the total project’s new-build pipe installation, LSLP is proud to have made a significant contribution to the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. 

The expansion will substantially increase Canada’s crude oil transportation capacity, contributing to national economic growth and energy security for generations to come. The Ledcor team was excited to celebrate this significant milestone after breaking ground on TMEP spread 3/4A in June 2020.

Welder working on pipeline segment
Heavy construction equipment at work on the Trans Mountain project site