LTS’ Expansion into the US Northwest: Unveiling New Horizons

November 20, 2023

LTS work in Josephine County, Oregon

For 20 years, Ledcor Technical Services, Ledcor’s Communications division, has systematically grown its capacity and built strong relationships with many telecom clients across North America. The commitment and dedication of our people have allowed Ledcor to expand operations in both Canada and the United States, with the most recent area of growth being in the US Northwest.

In the last year and a half, the Northwest Program has expanded our skilled workforce in Oregon and Montana. Teams in both states will be working hard to design and build over 2,000 miles (3,200 kms) of fiber infrastructure. Covering diverse and challenging terrains, our collaboration in the region is a partnership with one of the largest cable and telecom companies in Oregon and Montana.

In Oregon, the mountainous landscape means our crews install the fiber optic cable by drilling, trenching, and aerial work, whereas in Montana’s prairie regions, we are focused on plowing. This collective effort will ultimately deliver fiber services to homeowners and businesses in both urban and rural areas, enhancing connectivity by improving internet services.

Paul, a Project Director with the division, sums up the journey so far, “It’s exciting to build the business unit on the foundation of Ledcor’s values, guiding principles, and the client relationships over the last two decades.”  

Leona, a Project Director, echoed these sentiments by adding, “The most rewarding part is building new teams and showing them what it means to work at Ledcor and the pride that comes with it.”

As we continue to grow in the Northwest US, fueled by dedication and new opportunities, we're ready to innovate, connect communities, and build a brighter future.