Ledcor Technical Services Connects North America

February 19, 2018

As featured in ‘The Globe, Fall 2017’ 

From the arctic tundra of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, to the country music capital of Nashville, Tennessee, our rapidly growing telecommunications division is building infrastructure and servicing networks in communities all over North America. 

Travelling to new territories has been the nature of our telecom work for decades. Ever since we built the first long-haul fiber optic networks in the nineties, which took us across and between Canada, the USA, and Western Europe – this division of our business continues to take us to more locations than any other. 

The renaissance of fiber optic networks, driven by the desire for more bandwidth and higher quality connectivity, is what’s spurring growth for our telecommunications business at the moment. Service providers are continuously innovating to meet consumers’ insatiable demand for data. High-speed internet is now seen as necessary public infrastructure. We are currently working with The Commonwealth of Kentucky to bring high speed internet state-wide. In the private sector we are seeing many internet-based companies proactively upgrading the bandwidth of their networks. 

But our work doesn’t stop at building networks. 

We are also in demand to service networks and assist with sales of telecommunications services. We currently have one of the largest independent field engineering workforces in North America with over 1,000 technicians and 50 logistics depots across Canada and the USA. Ledcor’s end-customer sales team is revolutionizing the way that telecommunications services and network infrastructure are sold; operating as a seamless extension to our clients’ business and recognized as a high-performance force in the telecom industry. Our sales service is a major value-add to our clients’ business. 

Our ability to quickly set-up-shop or rapidly deploy our field force anywhere, anytime, is part of the reason clients seek-out Ledcor. Our innovative approach to our work and high-quality results are what keep our clients coming back. Again and again.