Ledcor Partners with New Pipeline Integrity Institute at UBC

April 29, 2015

Ledcor Partners with New Pipeline Integrity

We are proud to become a foundation partner for the Pipeline Integrity Institute (PII), a new institute at UBC that will provide training and research towards pipeline integrity that launched Friday, April 17.

The vision of the Pipeline Integrity Institute is to champion world-leading practices and innovation through advanced education, training, and applied research towards safer pipelines. The Institute is expected to contribute to the global search for pipeline best practices and innovation.

The institute is led by co-principal investigators and members of UBC's Faculty of Applied Science, Dr. Dharma Wijewickreme, professor of civil engineering and Dr. Akram Alfantazi, professor of materials engineering. Their studies on the performance of pipelines subject to ground movements, such as those arising from landslides and earthquakes, and expertise in pipe materials and protection of pipelines  will help in moving towards zero-incident pipelines that serve the needs of communities and the environment.

"Pipelines are the safest way of effectively transporting fluids, whether that liquid is potable water, oil, natural gas or wastewater," said Dr Wijewickreme, "It's in the best interests of our communities to ensure pipelines are safe and secure. By protecting their integrity, we protect the surrounding environment."

With Ledcor's involvement in the project, our commitment to safety is reinforced in the community and workplace.