Ledcor-Northwestel Consortium Launches Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link Project in Inuvik'

January 19, 2015

Map of Machenzie Valley Fibre Link Project

On Wednesday, Jan. 14, Aboriginal leaders, politicians, and business owners joined Northwest Territories (NWT) Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger and representatives from the Northern Lights General Partnership (Northern Lights) for the successful launch of the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link (MVFL) project in Inuvik, NWT.  

Northern Lights is the consortium comprised of Ledcor Developments Ltd., including Ledcor Technical Services, and Northwestel.  

The MVFL project is designed to provide state-of-the-art, high speed telecommunication services to over ten communities in the region. The launch of the project marks the first phase of installment, as Northern Lights will build over 1,400 km of optic fibre link by mid-2016. Ensuring the design, construction, and operation of the fibre link fully meets all environmental requirements, Northern Lights and the Government of the Northwest Territories will be working closely with environmental regulatory authorities and communities along the Mackenzie Valley. 

“The fibre link will provide new opportunities for business, including in the e-commerce and high-tech sectors, and allow for the expansion of the Inuvik Satellite Station Facility, a leader in remote data sensing with international clients,” said Minister Miltenberger. “The MVFL will also support more efficient and effective delivery of government programs and services such as health care and education to the communities it will connect.” 

After installation is complete, Northern Lights will maintain and operate the system for the next 20 years.