Ledcor Continues to Grow Marine Operations with Six New Barges

July 20, 2015

Image of Six New Barges

The Ledcor Group of Companies announced today that it has taken delivery of six new cargo barges that will be used to serve clients in southwest BC.  Ledcor’s marine division has grown exponentially since its inception in 2012 and is on-target to double its fleet size by 2016, bringing its fleet totals to nine tugboats and 23 barges. 

“Ledcor continues to invest in its marine operations, allowing us to expand and diversify to meet the needs of current and future clients,” said Mark Houghton, Chief Operating Officer for Ledcor’s Marine Operations. 

The six new barges delivered from China were jointly designed with our customer Mainland Sand & Gravel to meet their market and operational requirements.  The Mainland quarry in Mission produces high quality aggregates that are delivered to various depots on the Fraser River.  Two of the six barges are 73 metres in length and 18 metres wide, and will carry 3,800 metric tonnes of cargo onboard.  Four of the six barges are 63 metres in length and 18 metres wide, and will carry 3,300 metric tonnes of cargo onboard.  The barge dimensions and cargo lift capacities are right-sized for the water depths available at the quarry, loading dock dimensions, and in consideration of Fraser River bridges that the barges must transit under.  The barges were designed by Capilano Maritime, and the design drawings approved and barges built to Lloyds Register Class standards. 

“Our expansion creates business diversification for Ledcor and brings new jobs and economic opportunities to the marine industry,” said Paul McElligott, President, Ledcor Transportation and Resources, the Marine division’s parent company. “We are uniquely positioned to provide customers with modern new equipment, competitive rates, and a dedication to customer service and will continue growing our business this way.” 

Ledcor’s announcement comes on the heels of another recent acquisition that took place in March 2015, when the marine division added two new flat-deck heavy cargo barges and one 1,200 horsepower tug boat.