Driving Sustainability: Ledcor’s Highway Construction’s Environmental Impact

March 12, 2024


Ledcor is dedicated to protecting the environment by minimizing our impact on the ecosystems in which we operate.

With this approach top of mind, our Highway Construction group implemented initiatives to create three key successes: reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovative technology, eliminate water use, and exceed industry benchmarks.

One significant enhancement was the investment in two state-of-the-art, portable asphalt plants. The new plants introduced technology that eliminated direct contact between the flame and the asphalt oil, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The new, more environmentally friendly, containment system collects airborne dust and particulate from the exhaust to prevent it from being emitted. The new system also removes the requirement for water use by recycling the particles back into the asphalt. 

The modernization of our equipment has reduced emission levels below British Columbia’s stringent GHG limits, making this accomplishment particularly noteworthy as it shows our capacity to not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks.

Beyond the enhancements, our Highway Construction teams develop site-specific environmental plans. These involve identifying and addressing risks to the environment such as identifying types of wildlife in the work area (e.g., prairie rattle snake, burrowing owl, golden eagle), establishing setback distances from nests during breeding season, avoiding activities that may release substances into waters frequented by fish or fish habitats, and developing processes to prevent the spread of noxious weeds.

Looking ahead, our teams are motivated by these successes to continue positively impacting our environment through responsible practices and innovations.


About Ledcor 

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