Building a Connected Future: LTS' Ontario Fiber Program

April 17, 2024

LTS Ontario Fibre Program

Since 2023, Ledcor’s Communications division, Ledcor Technical Services (LTS), has been working diligently to connect nearly 50,000 homes and businesses in rural areas across Ontario by 2026.

Ledcor has partnered with multiple internet service providers on large-scale, multi-year, rural fiber-to-the-home programs as a part of Ontario Connects, a government initiative that aims to bring high-speed internet to all Ontario homes and businesses by 2025. The province is investing almost $4 billion to provide critical internet connectivity and expand access to family and friends, education, healthcare, and more.

The team's continued success in Ontario has created new work opportunities, allowing LTS to evolve its program. For the first time, we are integrating our Design, Build, and Business Installation teams, to deliver an end-to-end solution for one of our clients. Together, these three teams are working on an approach that helps businesses access our client’s networks faster and more efficiently since we are responsible for the whole process from outside plant construction to in-building cabling and service installation.

Our LTS Ontario team has also expanded from 60 employees to over 350, while continuing to meet our timelines and deliver quality results. This expanded service-offering underscores LTS’s commitment to becoming an extension of our clients and opens the door for more work in the future. 

Thank you to the dedicated LTS teams across Ontario working hard to improve internet access in rural areas, empowering individuals to connect with loved ones and access vital services. You are helping build a more connected future for all.  

"Knowing that our work contributes to enhancing connectivity for thousands of people in Ontario and witnessing the contributions of our amazing team of professionals come together puts a smile on my face and gets me going."  - David, Project Director, LTS