The Ledcor Built UBC Chan Gunn Pavilion Completed

March 20, 2018

he Ledcor Built UBC Chan Gunn Pavilion Completed

We are excited to announce that we’ve completed the Chan Gunn Pavilion at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The facility will be the new home for the Centre for Physical Activity & Exercise Medicine; a part of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. 

The two-storey, 20,000-square-foot pavilion includes:

  • Increased capacity and enhanced space for the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic (including Primary Care Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics).

  • The Jack and Darlene Poole Rehabilitation and Research Gym — a space to develop and deliver evidence-based exercise programs to prevent, treat and manage cancer and other medical conditions.

  • The Gunn IMS wing, dedicated to chronic pain treatment and research.

  • A kinesiology and physiology laboratory to orchestrate research and care involving with fitness monitoring and muscular and cardiorespiratory testing.

  • An imaging suite equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Read more about the pavilion on UBC’s Faculty of Medicines recent post: 

A new home for UBC sports medicine and exercise science

Exploring the benefits of exercise, improving athletic performance and treating sports-related injuries will be the focus of a new building that officially opened today at the University of British Columbia. 

The Chan Gunn Pavilion, a new facility for the Faculty of Medicine, will house physicians and physical therapists who treat about 3,500 patients a month. It will also be used by faculty and students from the school of kinesiology, which is part of the faculty of education, to explore the body’s response to exercise. The building includes rehabilitation space, gym, and labs for research into movement mechanisms, injury recovery strategies and optimal exercise training for people with cancer and other chronic diseases. The Chan Gunn Pavilion is also the new home to the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Clinic. 

The building, named for the Vancouver physician, Dr. Chan Gunn, who donated $5 million to the Faculty of Medicine for its construction, will become a collaborative laboratory to develop and test cutting-edge methods for diagnosis and rehabilitation, and to apply new methods of helping all people– whether elite athletes or those interested in staying fit – reach their full potential.