Ledcor BCIT Marine Scholarship Recipients Join Tugboat Crews

March 30, 2017

Image of the recipients

Congratulations to Carson Bradshaw and James O’Reilly! The latest recipients of the Ledcor Marine-British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) scholarship. 

The Ledcor Marine-BCIT scholarship began in Sept. 2014 and is in partnership with BCIT’s Bridge Watchman program, a 12-week course that provides students with a number of necessary training certifications. Each year, five students are selected to tour Ledcor’s marine facility in Richmond to experience a 12-hour shift that simulated the daily responsibilities of a deckhand on the water.  Ledcor selected two students who prominently displayed a passion for the industry, safety awareness, and dedication and motivation for the position, much like Ledcor’s own.

Carson, 27, and James, 23, both demonstrated outstanding levels of ambition and enthusiasm towards their career goals. As a result, they’re joining our tug boat crews as Trainee deckhands to fill out the necessary 480 hours of onboard field work to wrap up their degrees.

Ledcor’s scholarship program enables students, new graduates and apprentices across North America to pursue and fulfil their career objectives. Designed to assist students in a variety of studies, the scholarship demonstrates its investment in creating a skilled and innovative workforce.