Ledcor Acquires New RAP- Capable Asphalt Plant

October 6, 2015

Overview of a Asphalt Plant.

The Ledcor Group of Companies recently acquired an asphalt plant that is able to incorporate Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) into the asphalt it produces. The new plant will enable the company to provide new high-grade hybrid asphalt solutions for clients while continuing its focus on environmental sustainability.

The state of the art plant features a self-erecting silo, a separated controls room, and enhanced technology and controls which will improve the overall safety and quality of the asphalt product being placed on the road.  In addition, the plant will be capable of producing unique Warm Mix Asphalt technologies, including foamed asphalt. 

Earlier this summer, Ledcor employed the newly acquired asphalt plant in the paving of the East Athabasca Highway in Alberta, Canada.  The plant produced 3,500 tonnes of asphalt per day for the project, with 171,800 tonnes of asphalt produced in total for the 89.16 km (55.40 miles) highway.  

Ledcor has constructed and maintained thousands of miles of roadway across North America, ranging from access-roads to national highways in locations such as British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, and Texas.