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Ledcor Cares

Ledcor Cares

Proud Contributor to Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction for Children's Literacy

December 2, 2015

Side and back view of the chicken coop custom-built by Ledcor.

The signature Sonoma County event raises $4.5M for children’s literacy.

Among the spectacular offerings of wine and dining experiences at this year’s Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction, was a custom-built chicken coop by Ledcor. It was contributed to the flagship charity event that brings together winemakers, growers and the community to raise funds for children’s literacy and other charities that benefit students, children, farm workers and people in need in Sonoma County communities.

Fitting for the festival’s 1915 World Fair atmosphere, this year’s theme, the coop was designed using reclaimed Western Red Cedar, as well as stains and paint donated by Larry Jinter Painting. The Ledcor team in Napa constructed the coop, hand-punching a rooster design into the metal screens and placing the antique leaded glass windows.

The chicken coop garnered $7,000 at the auction, which, in addition to $5,000 donated by Ledcor corporately, contributed to the record amount of funds raised over the weekend.

Named one of America’s top three wine charity fundraisers, the auction raised $4.5M for charities. These proceeds will be shared by several of Sonoma County’s most powerful and effective children’s literacy programs that fall under Fund the Future, an initiative run by the Global Community for Education.

Our participation in the auction is a local Ledcor Cares initiative that supports the company-wide mission of helping children in need. Over the past 10 years, Ledcor has contributed over $24.1 million to more than 150 charities across North America, with a key focus on children’s health and increasing access to post-secondary and trades education.