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Nisku Team Uses Safety Program Participation Rates for Local Fundraising

January 25, 2017

Nisku Team Uses Safety Program Participation Rates for Local Fundraising

Congratulations to our Nisku team who exceeded a 200 percent rate increase in safety interventions and raised over $8,500 for local charities.

The Ledcor Interventions Program is a safety initiative that encourages employees to keep their site hazard-free. To boost participation, employees were given the incentive that if 100 percent or higher was reached, the total number of interventions would be converted into a dollar amount then donated to a Ledcor-approved charity. 

Even better, with Halloween just around the corner at the time, if a 200 percent rate was reached, Construction Manager would present the safety meeting dressed up as a bear, matching the Safety Care Bear, who also attended the meeting.

The Nisku team came together in full force to support this initiative, for the safety of each other and out of their desire to fundraise!

The following charities were supported with the $8,500 raised: 

  • Wounded Warriors 
  • Edmonton Foodbank 
  • Youth Emergency Shelter 
  • The Stollery Charitable Foundation
  • United Way

The initiative taken by this team, to keep each other safe, to keep their work site safe, and in how they come together to support their local communities is a great reminder that small actions taken daily can make big impacts, especially when we join together as a community around a common cause. We look forward to seeing more great initiatives from this team!