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Ledcor Raises $108,000 for Men’s Health

December 13, 2023

Movember 2023

Ledcor successfully raised more than $108,000 in support of men’s health and wellness with corporate match, during the 2023 Movember campaign. Seventy-three Ledcor employees across North America actively contributed to fundraising and awareness efforts for critical men’s health issues such as mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.  

Since 2011, Ledcor has cumulatively raised more than $967,000 through fundraising and corporate match to the Movember Foundation to help make a lasting impact on men’s well-being. 

The Movember Foundation is an international charity dedicated to men’s health that focuses on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention, making significant strides in transforming men’s health globally. For additional details on the Movember campaign and its programs, please visit the Movember Foundation website at https://ca.movember.com/. 


About Ledcor 

The Ledcor Group of Companies is one of North America's most diversified construction companies, serving the civil & infrastructure, oil & gas, pipeline, building, mining, power, and telecommunications sectors. Ledcor also owns operations in property investment, forestry, aviation, and marine transportation services. Ledcor is a privately held, employee-owned company with over 800 employee shareholders. Ledcor employs 9,000 people across 20 office locations. Since 1947 the company has been growing with its clients and partners: Forward. Together.