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Ledcor invests $200,000 in Junior Achievement for Northern Alberta and BC Students

April 17, 2014

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Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta and British Columbia and the Ledcor Group of Companies (Ledcor) are pleased to announce that Ledcor has generously made a $200,000 commitment over five years to support Junior Achievement youth business education programs in both regions. 
The contribution will support the expansion of the JA Company Program to outside of metropolitan areas. The program is an entrepreneurial training effort in high schools in both regions that inspires students to organize and operate an actual business. Students learn how businesses function and the benefits of the free enterprise system. Participants experience every facet of small business start-ups, including identifying a business need, generating starting capital, producing and pricing a product, and sales and marketing. 
"This is an exceptional gift from Ledcor," says Jan Bell-Irving, President of JA of British Columbia. "Their pledge not only supports learning activities like the JA Company Program, it also provides awards and scholarships for top rural company teams and individuals outside of metropolitan areas. Ledcor's investment helps our youth understand the connection between their education today and their professional opportunities and quality of life after graduation. We are proud to partner with Ledcor to ensure more students can participate in JA programs in B.C. and Northern Alberta." 

"We could not be more grateful for this incredible gift from Ledcor" says Jay Ball, President of JA in Northern Alberta. "Their contribution will help us reach more students than ever in rural areas. With Ledcor's help, we can provide our Company Program students with the real life business experience they need to succeed in our global economy. We value this new partnership with Ledcor because we know that they have the same goal as we do – to enable young people to take on leadership roles and become innovators in their business community. It is important for students to see that prominent business leaders, like Ledcor, are invested in their futures and believe in their success, just as we do." 

"We are delighted to partner with JA, an organization with an impressive track record, in their efforts to provide students with real life business skills that will serve them well in today's marketplace. Ledcor started as a small construction company over 65 years ago and we work with many small businesses today" says Dave Lede, Chairman and CEO, Ledcor Group of Companies. "Expanding the company program into more rural areas will provide these students with the same opportunity to foster their entrepreneurial spirit." 
About Junior Achievement 

Junior Achievement (JA) is the world's largest not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating young people about business. With over 120 charters world-wide, JA brings a diverse global view of business to local communities. Junior Achievement in Northern Alberta and BC partner with dedicated donors, business volunteers, educators and the greater community to bring a real world experience into the classroom for close to 60,000 students each year. JA is committed to inspiring and motivating children and youth in grades 3 - 12 to take an active role in their future through business education. JA programs give students the confidence and skills they need to become the next generation of business and community leaders. Visit www.jabc.org or www.janorthalberta.org to learn more.