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Ledcor Honored for Pledging $60,000 for Nevada's First School for the Blind

June 27, 2016

Ledcor Honored for Pledging $60,000 for Nevada's First School for the Blind

Cheque is presented by Ledcor employees Chet Nichols, Jonathan Boyce, Jason Howard, Cam Walker, Mason Gorda, Kym Roundtree, Gale Ward, and Kurt Opsahl

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, Nevada Blind Children's Foundation honored Ledcor at the 7th Annual Ladybug Ball. Held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, more than 500 guests came out to fundraise for the NBCF, enjoying dinner, live music, a silent auction, and a live auction over the course of the evening.

May is National Blindness Awareness month and the Ladybug Ball is the NBCF’s biggest fundraiser, with the 2016 ball kicking off fundraising for their efforts to build the first and only school for the blind in Nevada.

This year, the NBCF board members and founders, Kevin and Toni Spilsbury, presented Ledcor with the Conner Award, honoring employees for their years of friendship, corporate leadership, and continued support for the foundation and the children they serve through Ledcor’s Employee Giving Campaign.

Mason Gorda, Senior Vice President of Construction for Ledcor, accepted the award, and presented NBCF with a matching gift opportunity.  Ledcor has pledged $20,000 each year over the next three years for a total of $60,000, earmarked for the future development of Nevada's first school for the blind. Currently in the planning stage, the school will be located on 2.5 acres of land in downtown Las Vegas, land that was donated by the City of Las Vegas.

The Ledcor team in Las Vegas has put the NBCF at the heart of their local annual Ledcor Cares employee fundraising campaign for several years, raising thousands of dollars supporting efforts to provide resources for children with visual impairments and their families so they can access free recreational activities, Braille tutoring, and specialized educational support. 

Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation began in 2004 as a local grassroots nonprofit. It was founded by two parents with a focus on providing assistance and resources for their child, as well as all visually impaired children in their county. With a vision to provide essential educational, extra-curricular, and social building blocks enabling visually impaired children to reach their full potential, the NBCF bridges the gap between public education and the special needs of children with visual impairments. The foundation organizes social events, field trips and other outdoor physical activities, as well as providing libraries and computers, valuable resources enabling the children to participate in a classroom environment that so many others take for granted.