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Ledcor Employees Pitch In to Help with Calgary Flood Relief Efforts

August 21, 2013

Ledcor Employees Pitch In to Help with Calgary Flood Relief Efforts

Ledcor employees have yet again demonstrated their caring spirit and proven that Ledcor truly cares about the communities in which we do business by donating money, time, labour, and professional skills to the Calgary flood relief efforts. Through employee donation matching, Ledcor raised $50,000 towards relief efforts of the Red Cross and the Salvation Army,  with employees fundraising and volunteering in many ways to assist with communities and clients affected by the devastating flood.

Ledcor’s outreach included trips to aid in cleanup and construction related tasks on the front-lines of the hardest hit areas. Our employees helped homeowners with various post-flood efforts, such as removing studs and wiring from flooded basements, drywall demolition and removal, disposing of fridges and freezers full of rotten food, garbage and debris removal, setting up food at the volunteer center, and cooking over 400 hamburgers and 250 hot dogs for the drop-in centers in the city. Ledcor employees even paid to have a pump truck remove three feet of water from one resident’s basement after hearing a devastating tale of loss from the heartbroken resident, who expressed his gratitude through tears that the water was finally being pumped out of his home.

Another group of Ledcor employees helped out in High River. Following a safety orientation and armed with Tyvek suits and other safety equipment generously donated by Ledcor and our suppliers, they were dispatched to assist in various ways, including the preparation of food hampers for the Salvation Army.

Ledcor employee Kelly Henderson, a Project Safety Coordinator with Ledcor Construction Ltd., was involved with the team that helped out in High River and was amazed at the level of destruction.

“The emotional impact that today had is not one I will ever forget. From looking at all the piles of garbage that surround homes, to people crying while they are forced to throw out the things that mean the most, to people taking a look at their house for one last time and trying to salvage anything they can, even if it is just one picture or one simple item. These people and families are on an emotional roller coaster not knowing where to begin, how they will go on or where they will go next. The stories I heard from homeowners were unbelievable. Never in my life have I felt so emotionally rewarded after receiving so much gratitude from these residents. We were called angels and that no words could ever describe how much our contribution helped them and that we forever changed their lives.” 

Ledcor employees also kicked into fundraising high gear, answering the call to donate for corporate fund-matching to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  The employee fundraising campaign raised an amazing $21,927, which Ledcor matched and topped up to reach a total company-wide contribution of $50,000.

The Nisku Module Facility, Ledcor Edmonton Main office, on-site pipe fabrication shop, and subcontractors all collaborated to raise $850, plus $650 in grocery gift cards and a collection of clothing, tools, and non-perishable food.  These combined efforts packed a cube van full and were delivered to the Red Cross shelter in the heart of High River.

In Edmonton, over $2,300 in employee donations were raised through a 50/50 draw, pancake breakfast, and bake sale. Another $2,480 was raised by selling tickets to K-Days, Edmonton’s summer fair, for $5 each.  In Vancouver, $1,920.89 was raised through ice cream sales and in-office registered massage therapy appointments.

The heartwarming stories of Ledcor employees rising to the call of those in need were inspiring. The energy, compassion, and empathy shown by our volunteers was truly amazing and appreciated by so many of the victims affected by this catastrophic event.