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Ledcor Employees Make 3D Printed Face Shields For Health Care Workers

May 25, 2020

Ledcor Employees Make 3D Printed Face Shields For Health Care Workers

At Ledcor, we understand that we must all work together to help those around us. 

Ledcor employees have turned their 3D printers into personal protection equipment producing machines. While in self-isolation, Pier Yapur, the Senior Manager of our Virtual Construction Services (VCS) team, began researching ways to help at the onset of COVID-19. The VCS team had purchased 3D printing equipment last November to create building models, and Pier saw the opportunity to use the printers to make face shields for hospitals. 

Pier partnered with a group of University of Toronto medical students to collect parts and then assemble, disinfect, and deliver the face shields to hospitals. He received the files, processed them with Ledcor software, and printed nonstop. 

“I believe we can all make a difference if we put some time and effort into helping those in need,” Pier said. “As we have the equipment ready, I’ll keep printing as much as I can, as the printer is with me at my home office. I can print nonstop all day while I’m getting my work done.” 

Like Pier, Jeff Zackodnik, part of our Calgary LTS division, is also printing equipment from his home. Jeff owns three 3D printers and can make 40 shields and 150 ear-savers a week. Jeff gives them away to whoever needs them as well as drops them off at hospices and extended care facilities. 

“Together, we can all fight and defeat this horrible disease,” Pier said. “We continue to see opportunities to keep this effort going and have been truly humbled and motivated by the love and support received!” 

Thank you to Pier and Jeff for being resourceful and compassionate, giving time and energy to a much-needed endeavor.

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