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Ledcor Construction Employees Help Lost Dog In Regina

July 13, 2017

Ledcor Construction Employees Help Lost Dog In Regina

This story comes to us from the Regina Humane Society (RHS) and follows the adventures of a little lost dog who was seen roaming the streets of East Regina for most of May and June; under constant threat from the elements, vehicles, and starvation, but never to be caught despite numerous attempts.

Just a few weeks ago, the staff at Ledcor Construction in Regina noticed this lost dog, who became known as Elmer, on their compound and immediately contacted the RHS.

The little runaway was finally able to be brought to safety by the RHS officer, and it was quickly discovered that he had suffered an injury to one of his legs. After hearing Elmer’s story and being involved in his rescue, the staff at Ledcor immediately offered to assist with the costs of the surgery so that he could regain the use of his leg and be placed for adoption.

Our Ledcor team came together with their helping spirit, and the very next day, Ledcor Superintendent Jeff stopped by the shelter to present a cheque to the RHS to go towards Elmer’s surgery and care on behalf Ledcor and a few friends - McEwan Holdings, the Kwade family, Alison McEwen, and Canadian Bobcat.

Last week Elmer had his surgery, and with no owner to be found, he was put up for adoption. He is already getting to know his new family and will be good as new after a bit of rest and relaxation.

Thank you to our employees who helped Elmer, showing a tremendous amount of kindness and heart to help Elmer back to safety and in a new home.