Ledcor is Awarded high Honors for Operational Excellence

December 7, 2012

Aerial view of Firebag

The annual Suncor President’s Operational Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate employees and contractors who are the driving force and energy behind operational excellence.  Ledcor is extremely honored to receive an award from Suncor for showcasing “the discipline and energy that bring operational excellence to life and create exceptional business outcomes.” 

The 2012 awards took place November 13.  After a rigorous judging process of over 200 nominations, Ledcor was announced as the award recipient for Contractor, Individual, or Team in the Reliability category. 

According to Suncor, the Reliability category celebrates initiatives that contribute to reliable and repeatable performance through low-cost operations, business processes, or projects. Reliability nominees also demonstrate leadership, teamwork, problem solving and creativity. 

Ledcor received the award based on the success of the Firebag Stage 4 Central Plant project, for which Ledcor was the primary construction contractor. In presenting the award, Suncor noted that Ledcor reliably delivered the project on schedule, with an exceptional safety and environmental record and exceptional quality.   

During the project, Ledcor employed approximately 1,745 people and accumulated more than 2.2 million worker hours without a lost time incident; a significant and notable accomplishment. 

In the submission evaluations, Suncor recognized that “Ledcor’s leadership vision is that well planned, effectively managed work is performed safely, on time, and fully meets the customer’s expectations.  Team members understand their roles, the reporting structure, and relationship between organizations in order to ensure that all project objectives, goals, and expectations are clearly executed.” 

Suncor also acknowledged Ledcor’s performance on the project, highlighting how Ledcor demonstrated that well planned, effectively managed work results in a safely executed, high quality product, delivered on time.   

“Their strong customer focus and willingness to learn from past projects to improve processes exemplifies an Operationally Excellent contractor; setting a benchmark for other contractors in the industry.”