Wastewater Treatment

We&rsquo;re committed to preserving our world&rsquo;s resources. Serving oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and municipal organizations, Ledcor offers tailored septage, slurry and wastewater management services using our filter press or electrocoagulation technology.<br /> <br /> Our scalable solutions can be applied to most industries and can be deployed as mobile, temporary, or permanent installations.<br /> <h3> Filtration Process</h3> <ol> <li> Fluids and solids are separated.</li> <li> Water is recycled.</li> <li> Solids are compacted and transportable.</li> </ol> <div> <strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Benefits of this process include:</strong></div> <ul> <li> High throughput</li> <li> Ability to scale to required operations</li> <li> Suitable for abrasive mining applications</li> </ul> <h3> &nbsp;</h3>