Ledcor - California - San Diego

Delivering Construction Services in San Diego, California

Ledcor has built a strong resume in San Diego and Southern California, exceeding client expectations in such diverse market sectors as multi-family/residential, process and manufacturing, commercial office, research & development, and mixed-use. Our relationship with our client base is highly valued, and the majority of our construction contracts are with repeat clients.

Expertise in all types of building construction and in all market sectors is Ledcor’s strength. Our geographic diversity provides our clients with assistance in their expansion plans and in opening new markets. You can feel confident working with a team of local experts.

We pride ourselves on saving our customers time and money by consistently coming in on time and on budget. We earn our reputation by delivering a top-quality product that meets and exceeds the expectations of our San Diego and California clients.

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6405 Mira Mesa Blvd #200
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-527-6400