The Story of True Blue

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend or family member that involved talking about your ideal career? They ask what your dream job would be. You pause, struggling to think of the words to describe what that would look like. You want to work for a company that values your contribution and where you feel inspired to be your best. The work would be challenging, yet rewarding. You want a career that means more than just a paycheck.

You’re looking for Ledcor.

How do we know? We know because there is something different in the air at Ledcor. It’s a spirit of family, an uncompromised commitment to each other’s safety, and a shared desire to be part of something exceptional.

We reached out to our colleagues to hear what else they had to say about working for Ledcor. As we listened, we noticed a very distinct common thread in the stories they shared: “It’s about being blue”… “I’ve got Ledcor blue running through me”… “I’m proud to be blue”. These sentiments were so heartfelt that we wondered if this common use of the word blue might have more meaning than just a color. We thought decidedly yes, and so began the work to pull together these feelings of pride, community and family that could explain simply and clearly what it means to be part of the Ledcor team.

True Blue is the bond we share through our common beliefs, work ethics and drive to get things done. True Blue is not about a color – it is about our values and how we work together, care for each other, and work hard for our families.

So, what makes Ledcor a great place to be? View the True Blue campaign:

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