Project Profile

Project Profile

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicle Fleet

Vancouver, British Columbia

We've recently added 200 new compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to our fleet, creating one of the largest fleets of CNG vehicles in Canada.

We’re estimating that annual fuel costs will be 30 percent lower than conventional fuels, and that the greenhouse-gas emissions will be reduced by 23 percent. The vehicles have an extended life and improved reliability as they see less corrosion and wear in engine parts.

Deployed throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, The Ford Transit Connect cargo vans were converted by G.W. Anglin Manufacturing to CNG fuel systems from Altech-Eco, making them the first vehicles of their kind. The CNG vehicles are joining our existing fleet of 15 liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks.

Pioneering an entirely new vehicle type presented several challenges, including crash testing to meet Transport Canada requirements.

To date, Ledcor has invested over $10 million in natural gas vehicles.

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