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Ashlu Creek Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project

Ashlu Creek Investment Limited Partnership

Squamish, British Columbia

Ledcor developed and constructed the Ashlu Creek Run-of-River Hydroelectric Project that commenced commercial operations in early December 2009.

This 50-megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric project reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 21,000 cars from the road each year, while producing 265 gigawatt hours of electricity annually—enough to power 24,000 homes each year. A portion of the water is diverted from Ashlu Creek into an underground tunnel, which transports water to the powerhouse containing three electricity generating turbines. Water is then returned back to the channel in its clean, natural state.
In partnership with Innergex to develop the project, Ledcor initiated the water license, participated in the public consultation process, facilitated key meetings and managed relations with stakeholders while also constructing the entire facility.

Run-of-river projects require little water storage to generate electricity and emit virtually no greenhouse gas emissions, with the energy produced coming from naturally flowing mountain waters.
Scope of work:
  • Water intake structure construction
  • Diversion channel construction
  • Electrical switchyard platforms installation
  • Powerhouse construction
  • Installation of 230-kV transmission line
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