Project Profile

Project Profile

Northern Integrity Digs

Enbridge Inc.

Northwest Territories

In Canada’s north, Ledcor continues with its oil pipeline integrity dig contract with Enbridge. One of the most remarkable series of digs to date took place in the Northwest Territories, between Norman Wells and the Alberta/Northwest Territories boundary.

The camp and work locations were extremely remote, making this logistically complex work. Temperatures colder than -40°C (-40°F) were encountered on a regular basis, and the digs had to be completed on a tight time line before access roads and engineered ice bridges became too soft to support heavy loads in the spring.

Due to the commitment and dedication of the project team, the project was a resounding success, with zero recordable incidents and no equipment stranded north of the ice bridges after the spring thaw.

To date, Ledcor has finished just under 400 digs for Enbridge on the company’s network of pipelines across Canada.
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