Project Profile

Project Profile

Voyageur Upgrader

Suncor Energy

Fort McMurray, Alberta

In 2008, Ledcor contracted with Suncor Energy to install the underground utilities at the Suncor Voyageur Upgrader site in Fort McMurray.  
The work included the  installation of 15,000 ft of underground fire water piping along with interconnecting cooling water, potable water, and oily water sewer totaling over 34,000 ft. Over 280,000 y3 was excavated throughout seven months of construction.

Ledcor also installed a temporary construction power distribution system and a fiber optic backbone ring complete with all of the associated IT infrastructure and necessary components.
In 2008, the Voyageur Project was put on hold. Suncor resumed the Voyageur Project in May of 2012. Ledcor competitively re-bid and won the work on a unit price basis. In 2012 construction areas included primary upgrading, secondary upgrading and the associated sulphur recovery, infrastructure, utilities, and off-sites. 
Ledcor’s scope of work involved the continuation of early works construction:
  • Driven Steel Piles
  • Deep and Shallow Underground Piping
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Excavation, Trenching and Backfill
  • Site Wide Temporary Power and IT
Work on the Voyageur Project was halted in 2013. 


In 2012, Ledcor earned a score of 97% in Suncor's Quality Management System audit, which evaluated Ledcor’s processes in comparison with Suncor’s procedural requirements.
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