Project Profile

Project Profile

Highway 63 Twinning

Alberta Transportation

Hangingstone, AB

In the Fall of 2013 Ledcor was awarded a section of the Highway 63 twinning program to Fort McMurray which included 26km of new grade construction and 37km of base and paving and the construction of a structural steel girder bridge over the Hangingstone River, approximately 50 km South of Fort McMurray, AB.
The project had many challenges, including the construction of winter haul roads to access gravel pits, bridge construction, winter muskeg removal, wick drains, slope stabilization, shear pile wall, and the implementation of a large change order to construct a 3-meter 220m long box culvert through the roadway.  When the project was completed in 2016, it had included 5,360,000 cubic meters of earthwork, 700,000 tonnes of granular base course, 172,000 tonnes of asphalt concrete pavement, and had a final contract value of $149M.

The project was turned over to Alberta Transportation on schedule in 2016.
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