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Highway 2 & 49

Alberta Transportation

Rycroft, AB

In 2020, Ledcor completed pavement rehabilitation of 23 km of Highway 2 and Highway 49. The project also included the construction of a concrete pile wall and slide repair along Highway 2 on the Spirit River Bridge. The project was located near Rycroft, Alberta.
To pave the highway, Ledcor milled up the existing driving surface and placed 69,630 tonnes of asphalt pavement to rehabilitate and improve the existing driving surface. The asphalt pavement incorporated more than 8,000 tonnes of recycled asphalt into the mix. Recycled asphalt is a sustainable option that re-uses a non-renewable resource as well as significantly improves the economics of the asphalt pavement mix.

The slide repair and concrete pile wall included armoring the river channel with 1300 m3 of heavy rip-rap and included 833m of piles that contained 75,000kg of reinforcing steel and 650m3 of concrete. In addition to the pile wall, the slope was stabilized with 5,000m3 of granular fill, 1124m of soil nails, and an H-Pile wooden retaining wall.

The majority of the project was completed in the Fall of 2020 with final paving on the bridge to be completed in the Spring of 2021.
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