Project Profile

Project Profile

New Asphalt Plant

Edmonton, Alberta

Ledcor recently acquired a new asphalt plant and complementary paving equipment that incorporates a number of features designed to improve environmental performance as well as flexibility in the field.

The plant is able to incorporate Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) into the asphalt it produces, instead of using new asphalt binder and crushed aggregate. This reduces the consumption of non-renewable resources needed for new paving.

The plant is also capable of producing Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA). WMA is heated to a lower temperature than in conventional processes, which saves fuel and produces fewer emissions.
Other plant features — including a self-erecting silo, a separated control room, and enhanced technology and controls — are all designed to improve the quality of the asphalt and allow for the adoption and refinement of emerging asphalt technologies. Ultimately, this will give Ledcor the power to bid more competitively in the infrastructure market.

Put to work this past summer on the East Athabasca Highway and Highway 63:04, this season it produced on average 3,000 metric tons (3,300 short tons) per day, for a total production of about 340,000 metric tons (375,000 short tons).
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