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Vancouver International Airport Link

Vancouver International Airport Authority

Richmond, British Columbia

The $117-million Link Building at the Vancouver International Airport was a fast-tracked project constructed in three distinct phases, each with its own specific features.

The first challenge was connecting two already-constructed (and visually different) buildings without impeding the daily operations of the airport. A curbside walkway and new sterile corridor connecting domestic and international flights were built in the first phase, allowing for demolition of the existing link structure to take place without disrupting commuter flow.

Adding to the complexity was the fact that the remaining portion of the structure had to be erected with limited site access at the core of the surrounding buildings during the second phase.

The final phase marked the completion and opening of the glass-encased oval area that housed the much-anticipated water feature and newly carved 10 m (35 ft) totem pole.

The new building accommodates increased check-in capacity and houses new executive offices. It also provides access to the Vancouver’s light rail transit system via a pedestrian bridge.
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